Sportsman's social network

I am a private individual

Scroll down the page if you want to learn more about our social network and what you can do on it.

I am a professionnal

I am a sports association, a club, a sports company or a trainer.

Find sports centers to do sport

Find a place to practice your favorite sport. There is about 360 000 equipments in our database.

Find sports partners

Find a badminton partner to play with on monday from 3pm to 5pm. Join in a soccer team occasionally can be difficult without subscribing to a club. With Practisport, you can write an announce or find a sport partner according to your criteria.

Organize your hobbies and sports events with your friends

Organize and/or join in events. Create the event, invite your friends and/or make it open for everybody or find an event and fill your sport diary.

Track your performance and progress

Register and track your results & performances: you have just finished a swimming session, save your distance and duration. Over the sessions, you will see your progress being displayed on a chart.

Find a place to do sport- 3x20 minutes a week to stay in a good fit !

Some 300 000 sportscenter indexed and geolocalized on an interactive map. Play with filters (sport, city...) to find quickly your sportcenter.

Find a partner- To do sport together is funnier !

Introduce you, select your sports and levels you are looking for. Localize place where you want to practice and add your availabilities.

Save results of your match and watch the evolution of your skills on a graph- Your buddy will not be able to tell he wins last time

Save your performances for every practiced sports and watch your evolution on a graph. Even the smallest improvement can be viewed on the graph.

Learn about Practisport in video

Because a video is more interesting than two-three pictures...